Being a mostly introverted person, I’ve struggled with the idea of blogging. Who would want to hear my thoughts and feelings about random topics, right? What should I say to be witty, interest, and worth anyone giving a crap about? Then it dawned on me that all I can offer is what I have, just a guy living life, trying to find meaning and purpose to existence. Am I any better than anyone else? No. Are my thoughts and feelings any more worthy of your time and consideration? Not at all. But, just like you, no one can tell my story like I can.

Likewise, no one can tell your story in the same way you see it, from the inside. That is both the challenge and the privilege of the individual, to share the person hidden inside, to push past the fear of self-discovery and exterior judgments alike. So, in the spirit of this idea, I will try to blog as if speaking to a friend, a relationship which I have not experienced often in life. Good friends have seemed to come and then go, like the swiftly passing summers of childhood. Consider this a message in a bottle, sent out into the wide expanse of a digital ocean in hopes it will reach those who will find meaning in these words. So, with that in mind, I hope, from time to time, to write streams of consciousness, whatever thoughts come to mind, come what may, and see where they will lead.

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